Flameless Candles

Why Flameless Candles May Be The Best

Tea lights have come a long way from their traditional role as lights used at Japanese tea ceremonies and to warm tea. Today, they are used as legitimate light sources, as mood setters and for decorative purposes. Additionally, they are … read more

Cool Stuff

Loving Leather For Life

  Maybe it is the smell or the feel, or just the way it looks, but there is nothing quite like new leather. The only thing better than a new car scent is a new car scent with leather interior … read more


Clothing Tips for Winter

Clothing Tips for Winter

Courtesy of: ThatsHeart Discover some cool clothing tips on how to dress for winter. Winter is fast approaching and for some of us it has already started. As much as we might love snow the freezing cold can be quite uncomfortable … read more


surprise at mall

A surprise at the mall.

Who would have thought that a normally day at the mall would turn out like. This young lady stunned every one after she started singing Whitney Houstons’s I will always love you at a karaoke machine beside a grocery store. … read more


Features of Silicone Oven Mitts

Six Unique Features of Oven Mitts You May Have Missed

Courtesy of: Silicone Oven Mitts Discover the unique features of Silicone Oven Mitts other than protecting you from kitchen burns. Your oven mitts offer a lot of benefits other than protecting you from kitchen burns. You may not have noticed … read more