CNET On Cars - On the road: 2014 BMW 428i

CNET On Cars – On the road: 2014 BMW 428i

Courtesy of: CNETCheck out CNET Brian Cooley’s explanation why BMW’s new 4 Series represents the most major surgery performed on the 3 Series line in a long time. read more

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Motion Lights

Creating Your Outdoor Security Checklist With Motion Lights

Planning to beef up security around your home or office by installing suitable security lights and equipment? There are several things to consider when installing security equipment on your premises. Questions like what types to buy, the amount and where … read more


5 Tips for Photographing Young Kids

Child Photography: 5 Tips for Photographing Young Kids

Courtesy of: Leah Remillét 5 Fun Tips for Professional Photographers to Use When Photographing Young Kids 1 The Pez Dispenser These little babies are invaluable during my sessions because they helped to keep the kids wanted to stay focused on … read more


USB Rapid Charger

Traveling? Don’t Forget Your USB Rapid Charger

If you have never experienced traveling then you are missing one half of your life. If you want to travel you would want to make sure that you bring specific things you need because as the line goes, “It is … read more


Top 10 Future Technologies Coming in 2015

Top 10 Future Technologies Coming in 2015

Courtesy of: isthereanythathasnt4 Here are list of 10 Futuristic Technologies Writing or Becoming Popular in 2015 10. Resonance Charging 9. 3D Printing 8. Windows 9 7. Sapphire Screen 6. Foldable Tablet 5. Virtual Reality 4. Artificial Heart 3. Archival Disk … read more


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How to Secure Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Courtesy of: Howcast Most break-ins are preventable with simple burglar-proofing techniques. Make sure they’re in place before you head for your holiday. Step 1: Think like a burglar Think like a burglar: Walk around the outside of your home, looking … read more


5 Top Cooking Hacks

5 Top Cooking Hacks

Courtesy of: DaveHax Check out the clever cooking tips by DaveHax Chopping herbs can be a slow and tricky task when you’re using knife. If you get yourself a pair of these multi blade scissors, it’ll make life a lot … read more


Leather Cleaner Conditioner

Step by Step Use of Leather Cleaner Conditioner

Maintaining your precious furniture is an essential to prolonging its life in your home. This is the exact case for leather furniture. Looking after leather furniture does not have to serve as a tedious task. We need to understand why … read more