LED Strip Lights with Remote

5 Cool Ways To Use Flexible RGB LED Strip Lights with Remote

LED Strip Lights with RemoteWhether for decorative or functional purposes, flexible LED strip lights with remote are growing in popularity as more and more persons discover just how versatile they are. Composed of tiny integrated circuits, LEDs (light emitting diodes) and self-adhesive, double-sided tape, these lights create seemingly endless possibilities to create the right look and ambiance in almost any space in the home. To that end, here are 5 great ways that you can use the flexible LED strip lights with remote produced by Mirage LED in your home to get a modern, popping look.

  1. Lining the Staircase: Lighting and staircases are usually only synonymous with decorative lighting when it comes on to Christmas or when deciding where to hang the chandelier. However, too often, there is not enough lighting to run the length of a staircase and this may result in, at the least, increased electricity bills due to the need for more light and at the worse, serious mishaps. An easy and affordable way to fix such a situation is to line the stairs with flexible LED strip lights with remote as you can control the lighting effect. To begin with, they can be cut and adjusted to match the meandering outline of the steps and the RGB types can be set to any color desired. Using them in this manner along the wall closest to the ground ensures that the steps are always well lit and can be traversed at any time of day or night when visibility might be low.
  2. Accentuating a Mirror or Painting: Accent lighting can help to pull attention to a piece of interesting, conversation-starting artwork or accessory in order to add visual interest to a space. Flexible strip lights with remote make it quite easy to accomplish such a task as they are self-adherent and flexible enough to attach to any smooth surface, including mirrors. RGB LED flexible light strips produce a myriad of colors that can help to produce a psychedelic, muted or consistent lighting theme with whatever item or area is being accentuated.
  3. Ambient Backlighting: Using ambient backlights with television sets and desktop computers can help to reduce the strain on your eyes when staring at these screens while in a dark room. Some persons spend several hours per day in front of a television monitor, all-in-one PCs and desktops, watching movies, TV shows and videos, often in a darkened room. While this may seem relaxing, the pupils of the eyes usually take a time to adjust to focusing on a bright screen surrounded by darkness. Due to this, the use of ambient backlights is recommended by experts to balance out the deficit of light around the monitors, thereby allowing the eyes to adjust more readily. A few strips of RGB LED strip lights with remote can add just the right amount of light and in any desired color.
  4. Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Lighting: Add pizzazz and a classy edge to your kitchen by lining the outer edges of cabinets and counters with RGB LED strip lights. The self-adhesive backing will allow for quick and easy assembly to surfaces as long as they are smooth and with a RF remote, can be controlled from other rooms. These are especially suitable if you are the type of person who likes to visit the kitchen late at nights and don’t want to turn on the main lighting which would probably wake other persons in the house. The lights are bright enough to allow you to see when grabbing that late night snack but at the same time not lighting up the whole kitchen. Additionally, you can adjust the colors to suit the setting and color theme of the kitchen.
  5. Mood Lighting: Whether it’s for a romantic dinner or your own at-home massage room, flexible RGB LED light strips can help to create the right kind of mood and ambiance. These lights, by virtue of their ability to be cut to fit and the double-sided adhesive that they come with, can easily be fitted to walls, doors, furniture and appliance to get lighting in all the right places. They can even be used in the place of candlelight, since the color of the light can be adjusted to match almost any hue or tone. Furthermore, many of them are able to display different lighting modes and patterns so this can help to add variety and atmosphere.

The number of ways to use flexible RGB LED strip lights with remote from Mirage LED are definitely not easy to exhaust. You just need to have an imagination and time on your hands. Then again, being so easy to use and customizable, it can actually save time to use these lights.

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