Flameless Candles

5 Top Uses For Flameless Candles

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The use of candles as light sources goes back over 2,000 years and it is expected that they will continue to be a mainstay in society. Among the most beloved candle types is the very versatile and popular tea light which have been used to warm tea, provide illumination and to provide the perfect setting for many events.

Flameless Candles

However, the history and reputation of candles, including tea lights, have been marred by their fire-causing potential. With countless houses and other dwellings meeting their demise as a result of their use, the search for appropriate alternatives to candles and tea lights was inevitable. As it relates to traditional tea lights, the ultimate alternative has turned out to be flameless LED lights which look just the same and perform the same functions with virtually no risks. The main difference is that instead of carrying an actual flame, flameless candles use small LED lamps which glow and flicker, for their light sources. Additionally, instead of the paraffin wax that is present in most traditional tea lights, the flameless versions are often powered by battery. These differences do not only set apart the traditional tea lights from the modern, they also make the flameless candles much more versatile. Here are their five top uses:

  • General Lighting: Like traditional tea lights, Flameless LED Tea Light Candles are quite capable of providing suitable lighting when using flameless candles for the different rooms of a house. They provide the same soft glow and flickering effect that you would get from wax-based tea lights, with roughly the same, or brighter light output. Thus, several can be used to light up a room, the amount depending on the size of the room and the purpose of having the light. So, why not use regular tea lights? Well, to begin with flameless candles are not fire hazards as pointed out before. In addition to that, they can provide light for much longer, with many LED lamps providing up to 200,000 hours of light. That is far superior when compared to traditional tea lights which can only burn on average between 3 – 5 hours. The fact that the modern, flameless lights last longer also mean that they will work out to be less expensive because it will take a much longer time before the LED lamps or the lights themselves need to be replaced.

Flameless Candles

  • Mood Lighting: Tea lights are thought to originate from Japan where they were used in tea ceremonies to warm tea and for the ambient light they produce. The soft, yellow glow that they emit is quite appropriate, whether for romantic, spiritual or ceremonial purposes. Although electronic, the modern flameless candles can provide the same look and feel as the lamps are designed to flicker and also have the same soft, yellow glow effect. With the added safety features that they provide, they can even enhance the mood of the occasion as you won’t have to worry about fires, burns or spills as you would have to do while using a regular tea light.
  • Decorative Lighting: Modern tea lights are even more suitable for decorative purposes than their conventional counterparts. This is mainly due to the fact that they are flameless and therefore, can be used along with a wide variety of materials and in areas which would otherwise have been combustible if combined with flamed tea lights. Decorating with flameless candles can see them being combined with paper, cloth, wood, plastic and many other flammable materials. They can also be used in spaces where a flame would not be ideal, such as behind a curtain or underneath furniture.

Flameless Candles

  • Lighting for RVs/Boats: People who operate recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats often have the need for portable, low cost lighting. However, some RV parks and boat rental places have banned the use of candles and traditional tea lights due to their reputation for causing fires onboard these vehicles. In light of this (no pun intended), Flameless LED Tea Light Candles are possibly the best solution of having low cost, safe lighting flameless candles. Even if they are not used for regular lighting purposes, they are suitable items to have around for emergency lighting in the event of battery failure or other electrical malfunction.
  • Lighting for Events: Many theme parties (such as Halloween parties), social and ceremonial events employ the use of recessed and soft lighting to provide the right atmosphere. Traditional candles and tea lights have been the go-to lighting choices for such events but the hosts of such events always have to be mindful of their potential to cause fires along with the fact that they easily burn out. Not so with modern flameless candles. They present no fire risks and, as mentioned before, they can go on working for thousands of hours, requiring only battery change.

As the popularity of flameless candles continues to increase, so should the number of uses and applications for them. When one considers the benefits of safety and cost-effectiveness, it is not hard to see why.

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