Baby Car Shade

Baby Car Shade: Your Baby’s Delicate Skin VS the Sun

Sunlight is essential for life on earth. It allows plants to grow, plays an integral role in the water cycle and allows humans to see during the day. In fact, it even provides nutrition in the form of Vitamin D. However, as great as sunlight is, it can be quite harmful if you stay exposed to it for too long. With the depletion of the ozone layer, harmful UV rays from the sunlight have resulted in increased risks and incidences of skin cancer. While adults may be able to monitor how much sunlight they are exposed to and may not be affected readily. On the other hand, babies are extremely prone to sunburn and getting ill from its effects due to the fact that their skin is super soft and delicate, making it quite easy for the sun’s rays to penetrate and burn the cells of their skin. The effect on babies, is much more severe, thus you should do everything you can to protect them from direct exposure of the sun for any period of time. If not, they may easily get headaches, rashes and fevers, along with redness and dehydration. This applies whether you are taking them for a stroll, a ride in your car or just relaxing outside. From using high quality baby car shades in your car, to applying sunscreen and toting them around in covered clothing, you can keep them protected at all times.


While adults can get tans safely without much consequence, a baby’s delicate skin will get burnt far easier with much less exposure to the sun’s UV rays. To make matters worse, it only takes one sunburn to significantly increase the chances of your child developing Melanoma later in life, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. It also increases the chance of wrinkles appearing later in their lives. The sun’s heat is at its hottest between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, so you should try to keep your baby out of direct sunlight for extended periods during these hours to minimize such risks.

Heat Strokes

Babies that are two years-old and younger are at the greatest risks from suffering heat strokes, especially in locked vehicles. As a matter of fact, 636 children who died from vehicular heat strokes in the United States between 1998 and 2014, 339 were two years and younger, representing more than 50% of the total. To reduce the chances of vehicular heat strokes, you should invest in devices such as baby car shades as well as making sure your child is not left locked up in a car. Apart from observing the hours of the day when the sun is becomes hottest, you should also be wary and took extra precautions during the torrid months of summer, when heat strokes are more likely to happen.


As the continued depletion of the ozone layer results in higher temperatures and even greater levels of harmful UV rays, your baby’s skin will be even less defenseless. If you are looking to protect your baby from the sun, in particular UV rays, when in the car, it is suggested to purchase a baby car shade. A number of companies have recognized this and have designed products to help parents protect their baby’s skin from the sun. has developed a baby car shade that blocks 97% of harmful UV rays and reduces the heat that can build up in a car. Additionally, it is much easier to attach to glass than other baby car shades and has no movable parts such as suction cups as do others.

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