Multiplication Flash Cards

Brightly Colored Multiplication Flash Cards

The deck of brightly colored multiplication flash cards is a better option than handheld devices to entertain children. This is due to the fact that users don’t need power or to recharge batteries unlike when using game consoles, cell phones, iPads and tablets. According to Simply Clever Cards, the cards are a fun way to keep children engaged while learning in any setting.

Multiplication Flash Cards As A Learning Tool

Teachers can expect to be able to use the multiplication cards as a learning tool for children seven years and older. However, many customers report that they can successfully be used with even younger children, from kindergarten to primary school. For the youngerage group, it is useful for them in their curriculum of number comprehension. For children 7 and up it can improve learning of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The multiplication flash cards can also be utilized to teach the concept of fractions.

Multiplication Flash CardsAside from the classroom setting, tutors can instruct children who are learning from home. The multiplication flash cards offer a unique aspect to homeschooling by incorporating the learning of common mathematics skills while playing innovative games. According to Simply Clever Cards, this enhances the children’s problem solving and critical thinking skills. Additionally, using the arithmetic cards promote social interaction skills as they play with adults or other children. The deck of cards also facilitate decision making skills as it forces the user to learn to come to correct ideas about numbers in an engaging way.

According to Simply Clever Cards, the multiplication flash cards don’t have to be used in the classroom or for homeschooling purposes only. The company recommends that the deck can be used while at the beach or on picnics. Additionally the arithmetic cards can suit a family fun day or school trip. The multiplication flash cards can even be used at children’s birthday parties as a fun game. Whatever the setting, children can learn arithmetic in new ways that can solidify their comprehension and they may improve understanding of key concepts without even realizing they are doing it.

The deck of multiplication flash cards were designed by Simply Clever Cards as a way to play regular card games while also learning mathematics. According to the company, children can play normal games such as Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, War and UNO.

The deck comprises of cards numbered from 0-12 with four different colors namely red, yellow, green and blue. The company designed the cards also with 4 jokers to total to 52 cards so they can be played like regular cards. Simply Clever Cards provides instructions and concepts of how children can play these games amongst themselves and adults.

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