“Bright and Cheery” Fun Broad Tip Chalk Markers

Broad Tip Chalk MarkersIn this list, the Gold Star Selections Fun Chalk Pen was highlighted as an ideal gift for mothers with younger children.

Stay at home mom of two, Taryn, included the Fun Chalk Broad Tip Chalk Markers by Gold Star Selections in her 2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide as a tool that can be used to enjoy artwork with children while at home. The set of markers include 8 fluorescent colors that can be used on multiple surfaces around the house. In comparison to regular markers, Fun Chalk can be erased when used on glass, metal, plastic, whiteboards, blackboard paper, and other non-porous surfaces. And, as the name suggests it leave a chalky finish when dried, except without the dust and mess that comes with using regular chalk.

Eco-Friendly Broad Tip Chalk Markers

This particular set of broad tip chalk markers by Gold Star Selections is free of allergens and harsh chemicals, including xylene, which is hazardous to human health. The odorless and dust-free markers are thus a prime choice for those who suffer from allergies or asthma! The company has even ensured that the chalk pens are completely environmentally friendly and conform to all the requirements set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the European Standard for Toy Safety Testing.

Taryn clamored that the chalk pens are bright and cheery and also admitted that she enjoyed using the markers with her children. “My kids (daughter, Leilani, 3 and son, JJ, 1y.o.) are loving these broad tip chalk markers,” Taryn shared. “We will be decorating our windows, mirrors and dry erase boards often with our “custom art work”. They are also very easy to clean up with only a rag/paper towel no use of chemicals needed.”

“They did take a few vertical pumps to get the liquid into the tip, but after some pressing, shaking and a little verbal frustration I got my husband to try and he, of course, got them all to work. All of the fun we have with these make up for the tiny malfunction I experienced in the beginning.”

Broad Tip Chalk Markers by Gold Star Selection was a featured item in From Downriver To Downright Country’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015.

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