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Top 10 Future Technologies Coming in 2015

Top 10 Future Technologies Coming in 2015

Courtesy of: isthereanythathasnt4 Here are list of 10 Futuristic Technologies Writing or Becoming Popular in 2015 10. Resonance Charging 9. 3D Printing 8. Windows 9 7. Sapphire Screen 6. Foldable Tablet 5. Virtual Reality 4. Artificial Heart 3. Archival Disk … read more

Traveling? Don’t Forget Your USB Rapid Charger

If you have never experienced traveling then you are missing one half of your life. If you want to travel you would want to make sure that you bring specific things you need because as the line goes, “It is … read more

What To Look For In A Galaxy S5 Case

Galaxy S5 Case

A phone case is a must-have once you invest in a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5. You want to make sure that you protect your investment as best as you can. But, you need an all-rounder phone case that … read more

What To Look For In The Best Battery Charger for Cell Phone

Battery Charger For Cell Phone

A portable cell phone charger, also called a power bank is a very handy device that everyone should have. After all, it’s highly inconvenient to run out of power at times when you need to use your cell phone the … read more

What Makes a Quality Tablet Stand?

Tablet Stand

Today’s tablets are powerful and convenient. They can be used to check emails, play games or for social networking but a good tablet stand should make the user experience much more comfortable whether using an Android tablet, an iPad or … read more

The History Of Cell Phone Battery Charger

cell phone battery charger

Ever since mobile phones were invented, battery life has been a headache for phone users. Early cell phones were large and bulky, and required an enormous amount of power to operate. Ten hours of recharge would result in approximately 30 … read more

The Hallmarks Of The Best USB Charger by Ezisoul

USB Charger

Almost every gadget that is being released in the technological space comes with a USB port for charging and data transfer. This feature has revolutionized the way devices are charged and has untangled many offices and living rooms from numerous … read more

The Perfect Cell Phone Portable Charger for Blackouts and Camping Trips

cell phone portable charger

In this day and age when we rely on technology and our electronic the loss of power devices or having dead batteries while on a camping or beach trip can be stressful and very unpleasant. It is common for people … read more

Why We Love This Iphone 5 Waterproof Phone Case and So Should You

Waterproof cellular phones and cameras are very expensive, and unfortunately not everyone can afford them. This doesn’t mean however that these persons should miss out on the amazing moments that a waterproof phone or camera owner gets to experience. Even … read more