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Fun Chalk Markers Ranked #1 for Eco Friendly Markers

Fun Chalk MarkersFun Chalk Markers is currently ranked #1 for the search term “eco-friendly markers” on the mega online shopping portal, is one of the top online shopping portals where buyers can purchase a variety of different items. Markers are a popular item purchased on this online portal. There ae a variety of different types of markers, from permanent markers, dry erase markers, and chalk markers.

Unfortunately, many markers have toxic chemicals in them that can cause side effects such as headaches and dizziness. The main culprit is a chemical called Xylene which is a by product of petroleum and coal tar. It is commonly found in gasoline, rust preventatives, and some paints and varnishes – and markers.

Odor Free and Non-toxic Fun Chalk Markers

With this in mind, the company, Fun Chalk Markers has made available a pack of eight odor free, non-toxic chalk pens for kids that do not contain the chemical Xylene.

These eco friendly markers also feature a reversible tip so arts and crafts can have a fine tip or a broad tip chalk markers. They feature vibrant neon colors and are washable for easy cleanup.

“There are lots of choices when it comes to buying chalk markers on Amazon. The reason why I picked Fun Chalk markers over the rest is due to the fact they are odor free, non-toxic and eco friendly markers. I can’t stand the smell of regular markers when you open them, and I know that smell can’t be a good thing. I feel so much better having my kids play with these. I threw away all the other markers I had.” says Mary a satisfied customer.

“We have kids ourselves and we wanted to make sure anything we created was safe for our kids as well. ” says Kathy from Fun Chalk Markers.

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