how to protect yourself when cooking

How to Not Get Burnt When Cooking

Courtesy of: Silicone Oven Mitts

Learn the best way to not getting burnt when cooking.

how to protect yourself when cooking

If you love to cook then you should know all too well the struggle of not getting burned when you’re in the kitchen. Between hot foods, hot pots and oil that crackles and flies out of the skillet. There are a lot of ways to get burned. For years the main way we protected the part of our bodies most prone to getting burnt the hands was with traditional cloth mitts with insulation that buffered the heat enough to allow us to pick up pots without dropping them. However, traditional cloth mitts requires so much upkeep. They stain easily, must be washed often and have a short life time before you’ll need to replace them. Those are all apart of the age old oven mitts struggle. That is the 21st century. Is it time they got an upgrade? Well, the wait for that upgrade is over.

Introducing – Sili Mitts


how to protect yourself when cooking

These amazing oven mitts have an outer layer made of 100% FDA approved silicone. Soft and flexible, this silicone outer layer has a list of pattern that helps you to get a better grip on anything you hold on to. It’s also waterproof. So, say goodbye to the days of the hot water and steam burn. Not to mention that keeping them clean is a breeze. Simply wash in hot soapy water, dry and put away or hang them up using the conveniently attached loop. That’s it!

Sili Mitts is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester

how to protect yourself when cooking

The interlayer of Sili Mitts is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester with a 100% cotton trim around the edges that means compared with the silicone, we’ve created some cutting edge oven mitts that in addition to being incredibly comfortable and will stand temperature up to an impressive 482 degree Fahrenheit. Sili Mitts are also big enough to fit both male and female hands an extent long enough to even give cover protection to your forearm. These long-lasting and affordable Oven Mitts are going fast! So hurry up and get yours today. So that the next time you have to barbeque, fry or do anything in the kitchen. You wont get burnt. Sili Mitts are available exclusively on So open an Amazon search for Sili Mitts to get yours now or simply click on the link in the description below.

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