Math Flash Cards

Math Flash Cards An On-The-Go Mathematical Game

Math Flash CardsThe deck of cards is a unique toy replacement that cannot run out of power while on the go, unlike game consoles, cell phones, iPads and tablets.

The deck of cards was designed to assist children with number comprehension, addition, subtraction, division, fractions and other key concepts in Math. According to Simply Clever Cards, children can play the traditional games such as Go Fish, Memory, Old Maid, Crazy Eight and even UNO.

The deck of math flash cards includes 52 cards and 4 jokers, similar to a regular deck of playing cards, and features sets of four cards numbered 0-12 which are color-coded in red, yellow, green and blue. Simply Clever Cards provides instructions and ideas of games that children can play among themselves and with adults.

The company declared that the deck of cards not only aims to improve math skills but also teaches problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and social interaction skills which would be with them for life.

Play Math Flash Cards In Any Place

Apart from playing with the cards at home or school, they recommended that children can use the deck of Simply Clever Cards Math Flash Cards while out at the beach, on picnics, on family or school trips and even at birthday parties. Children can enjoy Math in a new and innovative way without even realizing that they are improving their knowledge of the concepts.

With summer just around the corner, parents and children can be prepared for long days anywhere they are with the breakthrough educational toy provided by Simply Clever Cards to have fun with while learning.

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