Microwave Cover

Microwave Cover: An Efficient Kitchen Tool

Microwave CoverToday, it can be a big hassle trying to manage a household with kids and other activities. For mothers, time management and efficiency is a big part of accomplishing daily tasks. According to Monika’s Marketplace, their microwave cover was designed with these busy moms in mind.

The Top BPA-Free Microwave Cover by Monika’s Marketplace is a high-domed cover that has multiple purposes in the kitchen, allowing efficiency. It has a 10.5inch diameter that fits the typical dinner plate without touching food. Additionally, it fits most microwave ovens comfortably.

The high-domed microwave cover at 3.5inches not only eliminates the possibility of direct contact with food but also prevents splattering messes while in the microwave. This decreases the amount of time spent cleaning microwave significantly, especially if it is used daily.

One user, Robin R Bates, shared on Amazon, “This vented microwave cover has cut down on my cleaning time dramatically! Every family that uses their microwave at least once a day, needs one. Tall so that it doesn’t touch your food, but it also helps to evenly distribute the heat and evenly reheat cold foods. Covers almost any size plate or platter, while still catching all pops and splatters. Easy to clean plastic, and dishwasher safe. We love it!”

Newly Launched Microwave Cover With Steam Release

This vented microwave cover has a handle at the top which can be turned to allow steam escape or to lock in steam. While being a safe cover for cooking or reheating food in the microwave, they can also be used to keep food warm before dinner or while outdoors. In addition, they can be used to cover food while they are set aside during preparation from pesky flies.

Mothers who are charged with the daily task of taking care of kids, cooking and just taking care of the house can find this microwave cover as a valuable gadget for theirzz kitchen. With mother’s day around the corner, people who are searching for the perfect gift for their wives, daughters, sisters, friends or even their own mother can consider this efficient kitchen gadget.

Monika’s Marketplace is now offering a $ 2.50 discount by using this code AS5PHLIR. This microwave cover for food can be found on Amazon.com.

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