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Doggie Poop Bags

You Won’t Believe How Using a Doggie Poop Bags Can Save a Life

Doggie Poop BagsBensie Boy’s doggie poop bags are unlike any other doggie poop bags. Each pack comes in 720 bag, so it can serve two dogs for at least three months, since it is said that an average dog poops 3-4 times per day. If you have one little Beagle or a Chihuahua you would never think this could run out in the near future.

The poop bags are separated in rolls of 36 with 20 bags on each roll. This makes it very easy to just grab a roll and go, since the rolls are not too bulky. But, of course, you only need all of those bags if you’re going on a weekend trip with your little one. When you are only going on a little walk, you may need two to three bags to depending on the length of time you are planning to be out. I always like to think about an actual baby.   You know how you need to back diaper, food and all those fancy stuff when going travelling with your young child;it’s the same for your dog – young or old.

The great plus about these bags is that they come with a cute little dispenser that looks like a doggie bone. The green T-bone shaped dispenser can fit a number of bags, like a typical dispenser and can be easily hooked on to the dog’s leash while you go walking.

Bensie Boy’s doggie poop bags are made with high quality plastic of 12 microns thickness to allow the scent of the poop to be completely hidden when sealed. If you are carrying your dog’s poop back to your home or to the closest bin, these thick black doggie poop bags conceal the poop inside the bag. This masking of smell and sight of the poop can easily allow you to forget that you’re actually carrying poop.

The 32cmx22cm long bags are made perfectly big enough to fit the average adult hand without causing direct contact with the poop while you’re poop scooping. If you own a big dog that eats a lot and poops equally as much, you will find these bags are very useful, especially since the package says they can hold up to 20 pounds of poop. That is hefty!

Judging by the features of these doggie poop bags, it is obvious that the bags are high quality bags that won’t tear or cause poop to get on you in any way. Bags like these prevent the spread of illnesses caused from the bacteria and pathogens in dog poop. This pretty much helps to save pets and humans alike from developing complications with their health to their demise, thus saving a life.

Now, apart from indirectly saving lives from harmful toxins that can tackle one’s health, these doggie poop bags by Bensie Boys also contributes directly to saving lives. They have committed to giving a portion of their sales made from their poop bags to various animal rescue shelters every month. 15% of their sales go toward saving the life of a homeless and sometimes helpless pet that have been picked up by a charity rescue program.

Dogs end up in shelters for various reasons. Most often than not, they end up there because they have been neglected or ill-treated by their owner. Sometimes they end up there because something is wrong with them and they need special attention which their owner may not be able to afford.

Whatever the reason may be the fact remains that they are being saved from starvation or terminal illnesses when they are rescued by these shelters. Most times, the operators of these shelters cannot afford to treat and feed all the dogs they take care of all the time because of various overheads and so on. Bensie Boy who is committed to creating a happy environment for dogs and dog lovers have seen the need for providing additional assistance to these shelter owners to help save a life. The company has shown that they are not just about providing people with quality products but that they are also concerned about the wellbeing of our pets.

Now, pet lovers can buy their doggie poop bags with the comfort of knowing that they are in fact contributing to saving the life of another pet, which can be a really satisfying feeling, thanks to Bensie Boy.