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What to Look For In a Dog Poop Disposal Bags

Dog Poop Bag

A reliable dog poop bag is essential for ensuring proper dog poop disposal. Dog waste can be harmful for humans and other animals because of the pathogens that can be found in it. Pathogens in dog poop can cause illnesses when direct contact is made with the poop or an area it has been in contact with.

Dog poop is actually considered a toxic waste according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is a part of the reason why you need to ensure that you get the best, most reliable dog poop bag to deal with your pet’s mess. Here, you will see the features to look out for when choosing your dog poop disposal bag.

Bio-degradable / Degradable

This is probably the most important feature to look for in a dog poop bag. The environment is being directly affected by pollution, and we are already feeling the ripple effects. The pathogens from dog poop can get washed into streams and water treatment systems and contaminate potable water that ends up in our taps.

Bio-degradable plastic bags, such as Bio Poop Biodegradable Dog Poop Bag breaks down in certain conditions so they do not contribute to environmental pollution. This also means that they can be flushed, buried or trashed without posing a threat. They also do not emit any harmful chemical that can affect you. This dog poop bag is also packaged in a completely biodegradable carton. So you are really getting a totally eco-friendly package.

Each person can play their part in every way possible to keep the environment safe to live in, no matter how small. Making a small move to change the products we choose to use daily could make a world of a difference.

Odor Eliminating

Dog poop has an unpleasant stench, after all it is poop.   Some public places do not have readily available to discard dog poop. In these instances you have to walk around with the poop for a while before you can rid of it. You don’t want to be walking by other persons and making them uncomfortable. The dog poop bags by Simply Pets Online are designed to eliminate the odor of the poop once it is secured in the bag.


It is important to ensure that the bag you are using to dispose of your dog’s poop is strong and thick enough. If the dog poop bag is too thin it will break easily and expose the poop. In this case, whether you use a biodegradable bag or not the poop will be exposed to the environment. This exposure makes it possible to cause the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens which can cause illness. To prevent this, you need to invest in a high quality dog poop disposal accessory.

Large Size

When using a dog poop bag to dispose of dog poop, you are susceptible to coming in contact with the poop itself. The larger poop bags help to cover the hand completely when you scoop the poop. Not only would it be less likely to touch your skin, but it will also be able to prevent it from getting on your clothes.

When you pick up the poop with a poop bag you need to ensure that the poop is secured in the bag and there is space to tie it easily. The biodegradable dog poop disposal bags by Simply Pets Online are large enough to hold a St. Bernard’s poop securely to prevent bacteria and parasites from leaking.

When you go shopping for dog poop bags, make sure that you look out for these features. Already, you know that Simply Pets Online’s Bio Poop dog poop bags found on Amazon are a reliable dog poop bag with all these features and more. Remember to consider the safety of your pet and the environment when you choosing an essential dog accessory like this.