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The Hallmarks Of The Best USB Charger by Ezisoul

USB ChargerAlmost every gadget that is being released in the technological space comes with a USB port for charging and data transfer. This feature has revolutionized the way devices are charged and has untangled many offices and living rooms from numerous electrical cords. However, the explosion in devices have also brought about the problem of having sufficient electrical outlets for USB cords. This is the case with older houses especially and in many family settings, there are even conflicts between family members about who gets to charge what and when.

The answer to this problem has been the advent of multiport USB chargers which allow for the charging of multiple USB devices from just one AC electrical outlet. This is an especially great gadget for those people who have multiple USB devices. However, not all of these devices are created equal and some may even cause more harm than good. Therefore, when choosing a multiport USB charger, there are several things to pay attention to which are the hallmarks of the best USB charger by Ezisoul. Read on to see what these are:

  • It should have an intelligent charging technology: This is one of the most important features that is often overlooked when buying a multiport USB charger. However, intelligent charging should be paid attention to since different USB devices have different power ratings and energy needs. How often have you heard of someone using a generic charger to charge their device, only to wind up causing damage to it? There has even been reports of devices catching fire while being charged and resulting in electrocutions. A multiport USB wall charger engineered with intelligent charging technology prevents all such occurrences by measuring the power requirements of the device and then delivering the required amount of energy to the device’s port for the most efficient charge. With non-intelligent chargers, the ports often come labeled with a specific power rating and if your device does not match any of those ratings, it is basically of no use to you.
  • Must be able to charge any kind of device: There are a plethora of companies making smartphones, cameras, tablets, handheld games and other USB devices and there are people who want to own them all. All these devices, apart from coming from different brands, also have different software installed. Whether your device is an Apple or Android, Windows or from any of the main hardware and software providers, the best multiport USB wall charger will be able to charge them all without any issues. This is also as a result of being engineered with an intelligent Auto Detect technology that allows it to adjust to the requirements of the USB device and regulate accordingly to ensure efficient charging.
  • Should have 5 ports or more: With many people owning at least three USB devices, the need for multiple USB charging ports is always high. In a family or office setting, it is pretty easy to see how several people existing together who own multiple devices could have conflicts over charging them. Having a multiport USB charger that can charge 5 or more devices all at once relieves the strain significantly and frees up other electrical outlets. For large households or offices, you may need to invest in more than one of these devices so that no one will have an issue.
  • The device should be small and portable: Travelling should not mean that there is a compromise on keeping the batteries of your devices charged. A portable multiport USB wall charger makes it possible to keep those devices juiced up wherever you are on the road since they are small enough to fit into a handbag or back pocket. It may be hard to find enough electrical ports at the airport, train station or in your hotel room, especially if you are travelling with multiple devices. With a multiport USB wall charger that you can take around with you, all you need is a single electrical port and you will have enough ports to charge your devices, especially if it has 5 ports or more.
  • It should be suitable for both home and office: A multiport USB charger that can charge devices at home and at the office need to be pushing a lot of power since some devices used for offices often have software that are very power intensive. An ideal USB wall charger that can work for both should be able to churn out 10 amps and 50 watts of power to handle the most power hungry device running the most demanding productivity and gaming applications.

Should be affordable: Having the ability to charge multiple devices should not mean that you pay an arm and a leg. There are intelligent multiport USB chargers available like those developed by Ezisoul, especially online, which cost less than fifty dollars and provide all the desirable features that are needed. Be sure to do your research and be smart when buying such devices. One way to ensure that you are getting the best is to look for those that are not only affordable but also come with substantial warranty, making your purchase risk free.