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BVH Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Provides Numerous Health Benefits Dogs

Dog shampooDog owners love to have a clean pet with a shiny coat free from grease and dirt. Pet owners prefer premium natural dog shampoos and conditioners that not only leave the dog looking good, but also have many health benefits for their pets.

BVH Dog Shampoo is made with all-natural oils and moisturizers which penetrate and deep clean the dog’s hair to remove the buildup of grease and dirt. Choosing the right shampoo for your dog is important to prevent exposing your pet to harmful chemicals. Harsh shampoos can lead to excessive dryness and itchiness of the skin, which causes the dog to scratch itself, leaving cuts and abrasions that can become infected.

The Dog shampoo manufactured by BVH is specially formulated to use on dogs to prevent harming the skin and hair. The gentle formula of BVH replenishes the skin’s natural moisture without the harshness of certain chemicals such as sulphates, parabens and dyes, that can be irritating and cause the dog to scratch. When using the shampoo, the rich lather deep cleans the hair, removing all traces of dirt without irritating the skin. BVH is safe for sensitive skin and can be used on puppies as young as 12 weeks old. The product also acts as a detoxifier to remove harmful toxins from the animal’s coat, which helps to reduce unnatural shedding during and after the bathing process.

The formula in BVH is also ideal for long haired breeds who often get knots and tangles in their coats which attracts dirt. A dirty coat is the perfect environment for bacterial growth, which can cause the dog’s hair to smell. The dirt and bacteria can also lead to excessive scratching, where the dog can accidently cut the skin as it tries to relieve the itching. BVH effectively detangles and conditions the dog’s hair, leaving it soft, shiny and tangle free. The combined dog shampoo and conditioner also eliminates the need to use additional products to clean and maintain the dog’s coat.

BVH Pet care is the marketplace for dedicated pet owner’s to discover the very best products for maintaining their pet’s routine health, and a source for specialty items for training and play.

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