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The Role Of Baby Blankets for Girls In Coochie, Coochie Coo Moments

Baby Blankets For GirlsBabies are so cute, adorable, cuddly and soft that we alter the way we talk and act when we are around them. As a matter of fact, we even invent new words, terms and sounds in our attempts to comfort and communicate with them. Whether you call it baby talk or some fancy term such as infant directed speech (IDS), some of the most memorable moments you will have with a baby will involve seemingly unsophisticated language and that goes for whether it is your baby or someone else’s. This form of communication is considered very important for babies’ development based on several studies. In fact, according to a study done by researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Connecticut, one-on-one baby talk with kids was linked to better language development for babies who were regularly spoken to in baby language.

The good thing is that most people, whether parents or not, do it without thinking; it comes naturally. So, we normally have ‘coochie, coochie coo’ moments; plus we mimic the babbling sounds made by babies, along with dramatically slowing down and repeating our own words while talking to them in order to communicate on their level. Many of these ‘coochie, coochie coo’ moments will often involve one very important item, however. That item is a baby blanket and the right one can dramatically influence the baby in their responses when we use baby talk with them.

It’s not hard to imagine how this works since practically every household with a baby has at least one soft and cozy baby blanket for girls from WooHoo Toys which is used for a variety of purposes. These items are considered necessary, from the point where the babies are received from the maternity room to the point where they are introduced to their nurseries and even later on when they become toddlers. So, how does a baby blanket matter in these moments you might ask? Here’s how:

When Babies Cry
This is among the most common times when adults tend to use baby language and soft, comfy blankets with their babies to try and get them to calm down. While using comforting baby talk and a soft, gentle tone will go a long way in such instances, a very warm and plush baby blanket may help them calm down much faster. This is because the very soft material against their skin will be very soothing while you comfort and cajole them to stop crying. In fact, sometimes it is the absence of a soft and cozy baby blanket which could be causing the discomfort in the first place and once you address that issue, chances are they will calm down.

During Play Time
Playing with your baby is definitely when you will get the most opportunities to utilize your coochie, coochie coos, goo goo – ga gas and other infant directed speech they will surely appreciate. In addition to that, a plush baby blanket such as a fleece baby blankets for girls can play a huge part in enhancing bonding while playing with your baby. This is because a baby is more likely to engage in playful activities if he/she is comfortable in their environment. On the other hand, babies may tend to be more fussy and miserable if their baby blankets are not attractive, too heavy on them or too abrasive for their gentle skin. A perfect baby blanket for baby play time is one that has a lively, attractive color, beautiful design, fleece on the back and front, along with a lightweight, anti-pill finish.

While Holding Your Baby
There are many reasons why babies may be held. It can either be because they are crying; you are feeding them or just to admire how adorable they are. Regardless of the reason, this is another prime opportunity to bond with them in their own language. Being closer to you, they are more likely to look you in the eyes and/or look directly at your mouth as they listen to the tone of your voice and try to decipher what exactly you are saying. Holding your babies with a very comfortable blanket in such instances, especially if they are very young, could lead to them being even more attentive and receptive to what is being said.

While Taking Them Around
Regardless of whether you are wheeling your baby through the park in a stroller, in a shopping cart at the market or in a baby car seat while driving, it is still good practice to communicate with them in their language during these expeditions. Babies love attention and the more you communicate, the faster they will learn. Having their favorite baby blanket around will also help to amplify their learning potential in such scenarios. It will help to keep them comfortable and relaxed while they are being wheeled from point A to point B, making the journey as stress free for you as it is for them. Additionally, if the baby blanket is really pretty to match with your adorable little bundle, it may attract other people to also want to converse with your baby…in baby language of course.

That there is a link between baby talk and baby blankets is undeniable. Both play important roles in the developmental stages of babies, with the only difference being that one comes naturally and one is either bought or made. When all is said and done, make sure you use enough baby talk with and around your baby while at the same time, making sure the baby blanket(s) you get are the very best to help enhance the process.