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Features of Silicone Oven Mitts

Six Unique Features of Oven Mitts You May Have Missed

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Discover the unique features of Silicone Oven Mitts other than protecting you from kitchen burns.

Your oven mitts offer a lot of benefits other than protecting you from kitchen burns. You may not have noticed them before because you’ve been focused on the quality of heat insulation those gloves can provide. But, take a closer look and you’ll see six unique features of great oven mitts that you may have missed.

Features of Silicone Oven Mitts

  1. Each glove’s inner lining is made of soft fabric that’s 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

Fabric with a blended composition lasts longer, cleans better and easier, and retains its shape and texture compared to textile that’s made of either pure synthetic or all natural fiber threads. Because it’s made of polyester, moisture is absorbed easily by the lining and prevents your sweat from causing discomfort while wearing the oven mitts. Even though there’s low shrinkage and resistance to pilling, the fibers tend to separate once the fabric reaches its end of life. When this happens, it’s recommended that you replace the lining with a fabric of your choice.

  1. Each glove has a medium-sized fabric loop for drying and hanging.

Some oven mitts are sewn together like Siamese twins, while others are created as separate gloves with their own loops for hanging and drying purposes. Cooking mitts made of separate gloves are more convenient to use because you can either use only one glove or use both, depending on your needs. Each glove has a fabric loop that allows you to hang them outdoors to dry in the sun, and then hang them somewhere in the kitchen for easy access.

  1. Wide, thick bands of natural fabric around the wrists offer comfort and ease of movement.

A great pair of oven mitts would have thick bands of natural fabric that wraps snugly around the wrists. This prevents sliding and shifting of the gloves as you twist and move your hands. It also prevents moisture from penetrating the mitts. Pure cotton absorbs moisture, and also allows air to pass through and circulate throughout the glove’s interior.

Features of Silicone Oven Mitts

  1. The outer layer has a quilted pattern or a design made up of bumps and ridges.

If your oven mitts are made of ceramic-coated fabric, then it’s likely to have a quilted pattern on the surface for added traction. It’s the same reason for putting the bumps and ridges on silicone cooking gloves. Traction helps strengthen your grip on the baking dish, griller or hot pot. Even though your hands only have minimal sense of the pressure you applied to grasp the pot’s handle or the sides of the dish, you’re assured that it won’t slip or spill once you’re holding it.

  1. A good mitt has a separate slot for the thumb, which provides support for the other fingers.

Some oven mitts only provide a single slot for all fingers. This limits the movement of the thumb, which plays an important role in strengthening and tightening your grip. Without the thumb, you’ll have a hard time balancing and controlling your grasping fingers as you try to hold on to the baking dish or hot pot. The only way to ensure you’re not going to spill the contents of the dish or pot, is to cradle its very hot bottom on your mitt-covered palms.

  1. A really great pair of kitchen mitts looks stylish in your kitchen.

Some mitts have boring designs with monochromatic colors. Yes, they’re likely to look burnt and stained after a few months, but it doesn’t hurt to find something trendy and appropriate for your kitchen’s interior design. A good pair should make you smile with its wacky shape, such as a glove that looks like the head of a hippopotamus or a shark. Another good choice is an oven mitt with a thematic print, such as tiny images of tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables scattered all over the thick fabric.

Not all oven mitts are created this way. Some lack any sense of style while others have insufficient insulation. Whatever you choose for your cooking accessory, make sure it’s going to do the job right, such as the oven mitts from Life Quintessentials.

Features of Silicone Oven Mitts