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The History Of Cell Phone Battery Charger

cell phone battery chargerEver since mobile phones were invented, battery life has been a headache for phone users.

Early cell phones were large and bulky, and required an enormous amount of power to operate. Ten hours of recharge would result in approximately 30 minutes to an hour of talk time. It didn’t take long before people started coming up with new technologies to not only make batteries last longer, but also make charging an easy, convenient thing.

As cell phones got smaller, so did their batteries and the demand to keep them powered. In the year 2000, inventor Wen-Chin Yang applied for a patent for a mobile phone battery charger. The device had a USB interface, a DC converter, and a mobile phone battery charging plug that could be inserted into the a computer to get electric power from the computer.

By 2004, a company called NTT DoCoMo decided to solve the problem with a portable fuel cell that would use methanol to generate power. It was a popular thought at the time that fuel cells were the answer for portable charging needs. The charger was never marketed to the public, but the revolution of the smartphone inevitably meant that the charger would also evolve.

The development of Lithium Poly Ion Batteries has dramatically impacted the market for a cell phone battery charger such as those developed by Haidue. They hold 40 percent more power than the old NiMh batteries, and have no memory effect issues that were a common problem with previous batteries. With this battery, innovative entrepreneurs could now develop a portable cell phone battery charger that would useful enough to address the demand for power by battery hungry devices.

Today, there are various types and brands of chargers on the market, that power anything from your cell phone to tablet or even a laptop. The cell phone battery charger from Haidue is a top seller on Amazon’s shopping portal.

The technology continues to make significant strides in the amount of time the device takes to charge a cell phone. In 2013, California teen Eesha Khare won a $50,000 scholarship for inventing a super capacitor that can charge a cell phone in approximately 20 seconds. Solar chargers have also been developed, which use the power of the sun to provide emergency power for your phone. The device will continually recharge if kept in the sun, and the latest ones claim to store energy for up to six months.