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How to Awaken the Creativity in Your Children with Customizable Clothing by Mottos Flip Flops for Kids

Flip Flops for KidsIt is said that children are sponges, meaning that they absorb everything around them. What they do with the things they absorb, however, is a totally different matter. This is because children are very different in how they express themselves and the creative ways in which they go about doing so. As such, it is recommended that parents try and facilitate their creative and expressive personalities as much as possible through books, activities and the kinds of gifts that they give to them.

One of the easiest things to use to influence your child’s creative energies is their clothing and footwear. Whether you make them yourself or buy them already-made, you can provide wearable items to your kids that are highly customizable and are visually appealing so that they can do more than just wear these items. This way, they feel like they are a part of the decision making process as to how they look and will feel special in that they are allowed to express their individual thoughts and feelings. Here are some ideas to consider when dressing your children for creative expression.

Clothing items with known characters: Give a child the option to choose a plain t-shirt with no illustrations and one with the picture of say, Elmo and chances are, that child will choose the one that has the Sesame Street character emblazoned on it. This is because children are very visual in their developmental stages and as such, the most colorful and illustrative items tend to catch their eyes and pique their interests. On top of that, since most of the characters on children’s clothing are from popular TV shows for children, being able to have and wear clothing decorated with these characters help them to feel inclusive and a part of whatever they are watching. They also get to use their imaginations in terms of stories they create in their heads and actual stories they see on the shows. Finally, as a parent, you should find out what their favorite characters are and then seek to emulate those in the everyday clothing you buy for them. That way, they know that you are really listening and feel that you care about their likes and dislikes.

Shoes with multicolored laces: Children like bright colors. Better than that, they like to choose between bright colors to complement their own sense of style and fashion. Therefore, providing them with a number of brightly-colored laces to choose from for their sneakers can help them to express themselves according to how they feel on any given day. In choosing, primary colors are a must along with greens, purples and bright oranges. They can even mix and match as long as they are made to understand that certain dress codes are not appropriate for some places.

Customizable flip flops: Flip flops, you might ask? To many, it might seem a farfetched idea but Mottos flip flops for kids, which are worn by many children, can play their part in helping to spark creative expression in children, especially if they are made with fun designs and drawings. Even better, if they can choose what designs to use in creating the look, they will feel empowered. There are flip flops available on the market that come with interchangeable charms that can be snapped onto the shoe pretty easily. Additionally, children can collect all the characters attached to these charms and turn it into an even more fun event by trading with friends. Such kids’ flip flops are not only good for dressing up to wear but can be a whole artistic event that keeps them occupied for hours. These flip flops for kids help them to increase their range of options in terms of the clothing they wear and how they wear them.

Attachable motifs: Another way to customize children’s clothing is to have them attach figures and creatures to their clothing using Velcro, buttons and other non-permanent implements. In other words, they can decide to wear their shirts, shorts, blouses etc. as they are, or they can change the look by attaching their favorite character(s) to the outfit. This also increases the versatility of the garment as it can be dressed up or down as needed and worn to differing events or places.

Providing the atmosphere for creativity when it comes on to children’s clothing may seem difficult at first but with a little time and research, parents can find that it is not only easy but may also work out less expensive than buying mass produced clothing. Additionally, it can also help to foster the bond between children and parents as they grow up and learn to express themselves.