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Leather Cleaner Conditioner

Step by Step Use of Leather Cleaner Conditioner

Leather Cleaner ConditionerMaintaining your precious furniture is an essential to prolonging its life in your home. This is the exact case for leather furniture. Looking after leather furniture does not have to serve as a tedious task. We need to understand why leather furniture requires such gentle care in order to know how to properly clean and condition it.

Leather comes from animal rawhide that has been tanned and produced through manufacturing. Rawhide, very much like skin, is sensitive. This follows the logic about why leather furniture should be kept out of the sun because it can cause leather color to fade or become easily dried and cracked. That is very much why leather, fragile to its nature, needs to be well maintained and diligently looked after.

Leather cleaner conditioner from Vital Brandz can help save leather from deteriorating. Keep in mind that conditioning your leather furniture is not optional, it is something you must do. Without conditioning, your leather furniture could break out, become dry with blotches of uneven color. Oil, the essential ingredient of conditioner, works to nourish and replenish leather. If you know what you’re doing, preserving your leather furniture with leather furniture conditioner is not very difficult to commit to. You can get it done in a few easy steps.

Here at the steps:

  • This is the most basic, simplest task you need to do. Make sure your leather furniture is dry. Next you need to prep for the use of leather furniture conditioner.
  • Carefully look at any areas on your leather furniture that requires immediate cleaning.
  • It is suggested that you dust/vacuum every space, every corner, nook and cranny of your leather furniture. It is important that you make sure you suck out all the dirt trapped in the leather. The last thing you might need is rubbing the dirt onto the leather when applying conditioner. While vacuuming be cautious not to scratch any of the plastic against the leather or it will leave a scar. If possible, attach a soft brush to your vacuum while you clean.
  • Using a damp, but not wet, soft cloth – one that won’t leave scratches on the leather – wipe down the clean areas. It is possible to do this for the entire sofa as well. Start at the top and your way down so that you won’t spoil or touch areas already cleaned.
  • If there are dirty areas, gently rub the cloth against it in a circular manner until it disappears. If the stain is not removed, do not keep scrubbing or you’ll end up damaging the leather.
  • Dry the sofa.
  • Before you condition the leather, know what type of leather your sofa is made from so that whatever ingredients are in your conditioner will not damage your furniture.
  • When applying the leather cleaner conditioner by Vital Brandz, make sure you apply it evenly. Unevenly applying the leather furniture conditioner will cause uneven coloration.
  • Use another clean, dry and soft cloth to wipe off the remaining oil. Keep in mind you’re just conditioning the surface, so don’t leave behind too much excess oil.

You’re done!