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LED Strip Light Kit

What Are Led Strip Lights Kit?

LED Strip Light KitLight is a necessity that you absolutely can’t live without. This means that you need devices throughout your home or office designed to help increase visibility. LED strip lights come in handy and offer many different uses. If you are looking to make any space more functional and stylish, LED strip lights are a must-have item. The right strip light kit has a remote included to ensure that you get the most use out of your lights.

What Comes in a Complete Kit?

In a complete LED light strips set such as one sold by Mirage LED, you can expect more than just lights. You will get a 15 foot RGB LED light strip that comes equipped with a touch screen remote and an on/off switch. All the features of this LED strip light kit are specifically designed to offer ease of use. Convenience is the one thing that you can expect from this set of LED strip light kit. Now having the right amount of customized light anywhere that you choose is possible. What could be better?

Fast Installation

One great feature of the Mirage LED light strip kit is that installation is made so much simpler than ever before. You do not have to be a handyman or have a lot of experience with lighting installation to get this done. This LED light kit is designed to make installation easy no matter what your skill level is. The best part is that this light strip comes with self-adhesive double sided tape that is convenient just for you. You do not have to fool around with wires or cords to install your light strip. All you have to do is plug it in and you will see it working right away. Nothing is better than the easy installation that these LED strip lights provide.

A Remote Makes it Even Better

Just when you thought your LED strip light kit from Mirage LED couldn’t get any better, you notice the remote feature. A remote comes included with the kit and allows you to customize your very own lighting patterns. There are 20 light patterns already programmed into the remote and you get to choose the ones that you prefer most. This means that you can alter the speed, color and brightness of any light pattern with the push of a button. This remote is really great, because it has the ability to work through walls up to more than 90 feet away.