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Battery Charger For Cell Phone

What To Look For In The Best Battery Charger for Cell Phone

Battery Charger For Cell PhoneA portable cell phone charger, also called a power bank is a very handy device that everyone should have. After all, it’s highly inconvenient to run out of power at times when you need to use your cell phone the most. Many people can attest to missing that all important call or message during the few minutes or hours that their phone battery dies. It just always seems to happen. Investing in a high quality power bank is therefore, highly recommended. However, if you are not sure what to look for, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when trying to find the best cell phone portable charger.

  1. It should be designed with an intelligent charging technology: Smart phones and other USB devices have different power requirements due to different battery designs and capacities. As such, the same charger may have differing results when used to charge different devices. Some may even take an abnormally long time to get the device fully charged or may not charge it adequately at all. A battery charger for cell phone with an intelligent integrated circuit from EMK is capable of automatically measuring the current and voltage needs of your cell phone and other USB devices and then delivering the correct amount of power to result in a fast and efficient charge.
  2. Can charge any USB device: Even though many power banks are made for cell phones, you should get one that can also charge other USB devices. After all, with the explosion in mobile devices, many people have two, three or more USB devices in their collection. These can include tablets, handheld games, music players or even multiple cellphones. Also, it should be able to charge the device regardless of the operating system, whether it is an Android, Apple or Windows product.
  3. Made with quality materials and components: While you can’t necessarily tell by looking, read up on the product to find out more about the components that are included. At the very least, the device should meet all safety standards and have FCC and other relevant certifications. It should also feature batteries from reputable companies such as Samsung to ensure you are getting a device that will live up to your expectations if not exceed them.
  4. Has dual USB outputs: According to the power requirements of the battery in your USB device, it may need a 1 amp or 2 amps USB output in order to be adequately charged. A suitable cell phone portable charger will have outputs for both to meet all of your charging needs safely and efficiently.
  5. Comes with a warranty: You wouldn’t want to spend your hard earned cash on any device that stops working in a very short time and you’re not able to get back your money or a suitable replacement. As such, check before you make a purchase to ensure that the seller offers a money back and/or replacement guarantee. This may be for a few months, a year or lifetime but be sure to read the fine print.

Following these pointers will help you to choose the best battery charger for cell phone like those produced by EMK to suit your pocket and charging needs. As people add more and more USB devices to their lives, it is a very good idea to get only the best to handle your cell phones and sensitive USB devices.