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Vented Microwave Cover

Vented Microwave Cover Prevent Flies and Other Insects

Vented Microwave CoverThis new addition to the kitchen, according to the company, will reduce food preparation time and assist in keeping food warm and appetizing before eating.

According to Top BPA Free, this vented microwave cover is a perfect addition to the kitchen for microwave cooking as well as for keeping food warm. At 10.5 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches in height the dome shaped vented microwave cover is designed to prevent food from touching the cover. The company said the covers feature these dimensions so that they can comfortably fit most standard dinner plates and microwaves.

The Top BPA Free Vented Microwave Cover features an adjustable steaming vent at the top to prevent or allow heat to escape from food during and after preparation in the microwave. With the onset of the spring season, outdoor enthusiasts at picnics and other activities can use the vented microwave cover to keep food warm and prevent flies and other insects from touching food once left in the open.

The other purpose of the vented microwave cover is to keep the microwave oven clean and free from food splatters. During microwave cooking, food tends to splatter from plates as they are heated and this product works well to prevent that. This reduces the time and energy spent cleaning the microwave oven after each period of use.

Vented Microwave Cover is BPA Free

The vented microwave cover has been lab tested and is BPA free. Top BPA Free announced upon release that no harmful cancer- causing chemicals will be exposed to food from using this cover. To the delight of many users, the clean-up after use is easy especially since it can be cleaned in dishwasher as well as hand washed.
Monika’s Marketplace vented microwave cover has been rated highly on Amazon.com with over 300 five star ratings, as of April 2015, thus indicating a high level of customer satisfaction with this kitchen product.

A top 10 Amazon reviewer, JJCEO, declared the vented microwave cover as a nice tool to have for microwave cooking. “Every time we warmed, thawed or cooked something in the microwave we covered it with plastic wrap, wax paper or a paper towel. Now we use this great lid and it is faster and easier to use. The lid protects against food splatter and keeps your microwave cleaner.

It fits over a dinner plate and helps to heat faster as it holds steam in to warm the food. You can also leave the lid on to keep the food warm until you serve it. Holding in moisture is important when you are freshening bread or rolls. The lid is clear so you can see your food while it is cooking,” said JJCEO.

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