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Vest for Dog

Benefits of A Reflective Vest for Dog

Let’s consider a scenario. It’s raining but not so heavy that you can’t go outside. So you decide to take your dog for a walk that is long overdue. While out, the leash slips out of your hand and your dog is able to run free. Using his pent up energy, he wanders onto the path of an unsuspecting motorist. Fast forward. You’re in the waiting area of your veterinarian’s office frantically awaiting word of his condition.

All too often, our canine friends are injured because drivers cannot see them. If you are wary of the possibility that your dog could be injured or worse, then it may be time to consider purchasing a reflective vest for dog raincoat. Straightaway, some people will think this is extreme, but if you truly consider your dog to be a part of your family then why not seek to protect them?

A dog raincoat is so designed to protect dogs from rain especially if they do not like it. Some of these coats provide complete body protection, by covering the head and body leaving openings for the tail and paws. Others look something like a vest. Either way, your loveable pup is sure to stay dry and so cute too.

However, some makers of dog rain gear have taken it a step further by including reflective material in their design. While wearing the reflective raincoat, dogs become visible to motorists especially when the dark clouds and steady flow of liquid sunshine make it difficult to see. Like regular dog raincoats, there are several different makers and designs for the reflective raincoat. Some may be made entirely out of reflective material while others have strips of the stuff.

While wearing a reflective rain coat, your curious companion can explore and enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather condition. The coat promotes visibility and safety much like bicycle reflectors or vests worn by traffic directors and construction workers.

Choosing a coat is perhaps the hardest part since there are so many to choose from. One that would be good is the Reflective Vest for Dog Raincoat from Twilight Dog. This vest is made in three different sizes with a Velcro strap to adjust the fit on the dog. It is available on Amazon and includes a matching reflective Velcro band for pet owners.