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Rubber Door Stop

The Importance of Rubber Door Stops

Rubber Door StopA door stop is a common utility used to hold a door open. It can be made of wood, metal, plastic or rubber. The rubber door stop from SuperiorMaker is the superior to the other types of door stops based on the fact that the rubber does not damage surfaces while holding the door in place. It is not hard or rough enough to scratch floors or doors yet it is strong enough to hold the door open. This is very important as a door stop that damages the door and flooring would be counterproductive.

Rubber door stop are used to keep doors open allowing the free passage of persons in and out of rooms and/or buildings. This makes it easier for the smooth flow of traffic in and out of stores and office spaces. A door that is held open is also safer and more convenient for homes with pets, the elderly or disabled occupants. This makes it easier for them to get around and without the risk of getting hit by a swinging door. Someone with both hands occupied would find moving in and out of a building or from room to room easier with a rubber door stop in place to hold the doors open for them. This could be someone carrying groceries or even moving furniture.

One would find that a door that is frequently in use would be in need of regular repairs. Not only is this true, but the door frame and other areas of the room (such as the wall behind the door) may have become damaged because of the frequent opening and closing of that door. A rubber door stop will minimize the need for repairs on the door and ease the damage to the other parts of the room. The door stop will reduce the opening and closing action, the swinging and slamming of the door and, in the area that the door would open all the way to the wall, the damaging of the wall.

Rubber door stops can be used as a security mechanism. When placed behind a closed door at a short distance the door stop interrupts the entry of intruders by temporarily stopping the door just enough for the person on the inside to see the person on the outside and/ or take action and just enough to prevent the intruder easily getting a body part into the room. This rubber door stop security feature can be used as an interim measure on bathroom doors and doors of other private spaces.

For aesthetic reasons persons may employ a rubber door stop, whether it is to just hold the door open in a breezy area, or to allow the breeze and fresh air to pass through rooms, or to direct the light from one room to another, the rubber door stop makes this job easy and discrete. Because it is so small and somewhat hidden when in use, the rubber door stop is found to be very convenient for situations concerning the ambience of a room or building.