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Silicone Baking Mat Set

Silicone Baking Mat Set – An Eco-friendly Cooking Utensils

Silicone Baking Mat SetWe all care about the environment. This is why we recycle and drive in car pools. Whenever we hear about some new way to go green we try it, whether it’s buying green cleaning supplies or donating money for the cleanup of an oil spill. While you think about the garbage you throw away or the energy you use when you think about going green there’s one place you may have overlook; the kitchen.

A Wide Range of Choices

Various retailers offer cooking tools that are environment friendly. These include everything from knife holders made of reclaimed wood to compostable eating utensils. Whether it’s from sustainable sources, made with recycled materials, or designed to reduce waste these items are meant to be better for the ecosystem.

One example is the silicone baking mat set made by a company called Fortis Production. The set includes 3 mats, one large one at 16 1/2′ x 11 1/2′ and two smaller ones at 11 1/2′ x 8 1/4′. They are made of materials that are ecofriendly, non-stick, and approved by the FDA. You place it inside an aluminum flat pan and bake your meal. The mats keep the food grease free and makes sure that it bakes evenly.

One of the biggest benefits of a silicone baking mat set is that they are eco-friendly because they are re-usable. Previously, when baking, many would turn to parchment paper, or baking sheets when baking in the oven. The problem is that once they were done baking, then the paper or baking sheets would go in the trash – leading to more waste.

It may not seem like you are doing much by simply eliminating a few baking sheets here or there or even using a product that is made of eco-friendly material, but every little thing counts and over time it all adds up. So, do your part and look into using a silicone baking mat set – not only do these help the environment, but they also make baking quick and easy with very little clean up time, which is always a good thing!

Fortis Production is offering all new customers $2 off their purchase of silicone baking mat with coupon code NYSL1114 by visiting the link below.