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Creating Your Outdoor Security Checklist With Motion Lights

Motion LightsPlanning to beef up security around your home or office by installing suitable security lights and equipment? There are several things to consider when installing security equipment on your premises. Questions like what types to buy, the amount and where to put them are common considerations, which is why some people leave it in the hands of security firms and professionals to look after their security and security lighting needs. If you prefer to do it yourself however, or you simply can’t afford to pay someone to do it, there are a few items that you should include on your checklist in order to be on the right track to doing it yourself.

Security lights: This is one of the first items that should be on your checklist as suitable lighting is one of the first deterrents in keeping away intruders and also providing adequate visibility. When looking for security lights, consider the areas where you need the light in order to determine how many lights you need. Outdoor lights are usually brighter than those used indoors but the brightness of the lights you choose should depend on the size of the premises and how far they project. Also, you may look into using motion lights or stationary lights or a combination of both. When it comes to the very best motion lights, you should look for solar powered that is available from Solar Motion in Amazon, as these combine all the latest technologies to result in huge savings, longevity and energy efficiency. In other words, they won’t add to your electricity or installation costs, will last longer than other security lights and can be set to only come on when motion is detected, potentially frightening away possible intruders.

Surveillance Cameras: Installing security cameras in strategic spots around your home may not only be a deterrent against intrusion, they could help law enforcement personnel solving crimes and identifying intruders in the event of a break-in. Whether CCTV or otherwise, the cameras you choose should be equipped with night vision, although you should position them in such a way that they work in tandem with the placing of your lights. This way, visibility will always be at optimum levels, resulting in clean footage. Additionally, it would be good if the cameras come with Wi-Fi capability, allowing for a wireless feed to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Quality Security Door Locks and Padlocks: In the absence of a home security system, these are the next best thing. High quality door locks may require a bit of research and asking around to get the best bang for your buck but a good door lock will have certified parts such as strike plates, a sturdy cylinder and strong wall anchors. Additionally, they should be made of durable material such as stainless steel. The same goes for padlocks which are often used on gates, grilles and chained doors. You should seek out the best that have high manufacturing standards and which have developed an industry reputation based on rigorous safety tests and feedback from users.

These are just a few items to consider when creating a security checklist for securing your home. There are other items that could be added, so do your research and add what suits your home and lifestyle, starting with the best security motion lights from Solar Motion.