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Galaxy S5 Case

What To Look For In A Galaxy S5 Case

Galaxy S5 CaseA phone case is a must-have once you invest in a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S5. You want to make sure that you protect your investment as best as you can. But, you need an all-rounder phone case that will protect your phone from any kind of damage. These are some specific things you should look out for when you are shopping for your galaxy S5 case.

  1. Perfect Fit

    Your phone case needs to be a perfect fit! It makes no sense to have a phone case that is slack because a slack case can’t fully protect your phone. You need a phone case that acts like a bodyguard for your phone, one that practically fits like a glove. This still does not mean you should get a case that is so small you have to fight to put it on. Your case should be easy to put on your phone and to remove. It should also be easy to open. Many of the cases with buckles/straps usually take a longer time to open and you don’t want to be fighting to open your phone to answer an urgent phone call.

  2. Ease of Access

    Perhaps the most important thing to ensure when you are getting a phone case is ease of access to certain keys and functions. You need to ensure that the case is a perfect fit, but also specifically made for the S5 to allow easy access. A case that was specifically made for your phone will not cover your side keys which would be your power button and volume keys. Your camera and speaker won’t be covered either. And, if you want to charge your phone or plug your earphones in, there is easy access because these connections would not be blocked.

  3. Screen Protection

    A phone case that provides screen protection is also a vital feature to look out for. Your screen is very sensitive so you need to protect it from dust and so on. The smallest thing can affect the touch-sensitivity of your screen and cause your phone to malfunction. And, if you decide to trade or sell your phone later on, the value will depreciate if your display or touch sensitivity isn’t working perfectly.

  4. Water Resistant

    The best Galaxy S5 cases must be able to protect your phone from water spills. If you have a phone case that only covers the back part of your phone then your phone will be prone to waters spills or splashes of liquid. The case should be able to block water from actually touching your phone. Sometimes you are extra careful with your phone but other times you may do reckless things so you need to consider this.

  5. Sleek

    There is already an air of sophistication that comes with having a Galaxy S5 smartphone. You need a phone case that gives that sleek look all the time. Leather phone cases scream classy, not just any leather, the premium quality leather. High quality leather looks new and supple and is a more reliable bodyguard than cheaper alternatives. A neutral-tone color case is perfect and elegant. You want to get a phone case that can fit with any outfit or occasion. Or, if you like bright colors, go for it! Just make sure that the case is high quality, looks good on your phone and allows a comfortable grip in your hands.

  6. Anti-Damage

    A good Galaxy S5 case should be able to protect your phone from falls, scratches and so on. Even when you are extra careful with your phone, there is a likelihood that your phone will fall, at least once. Can you imagine the strains on your wallet from having to deal with a damage after your phone falls…just one? To prevent any such mishap, you need to protect your phone with a case that can withstand the impact of a fall or even side impact collisions. So, when you go to buy your Galaxy S5 case, bear in mind that you will need a high quality case that protects your phone and makes you look good at the same time.

Now that you know the features to look out for when choosing a phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can search in actual stores or online via Amazon. There are a number of phone cases that I’ve seen on Amazon, but the one that really caught me was the Samsung Galaxy S5 Case from TwoWays Direct. This phone case is sleek and reliable so you can check that out. But, as I said, you can use Amazon to shop around for the best phone case for you.