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Using A Urine Odor Remover VS a Standard Floor Cleaner

Urine Odor RemoverWhen your pet has an accident or when you’re training a new puppy or kitten, what do you do to remove the stains and odors? You may assume that a carpet cleaner or floor cleaner is the best choice but they may actually do more damage than good when trying to remove these types of odors and stains. Very often the best option for your home is a pet urine odor remover that is meant specifically for pet stains.

Consider a few reasons why a standard floor cleaner can be the wrong choice for your home and why you should always use a pet urine odor remover instead.

  1. Carpet cleaners may only grind in pet stains.

Typically carpet cleaners are meant for dirt and mud and not for organic stains that pets leave behind. When you use these cleaners on pet stains and then try to remove them with a brush, this in turn can actually just grind in those stains and make the problem worse. Stains left behind by pets often seep into carpet fibers and can even get under the carpet and into the padding underneath, making them more difficult to remove. Standard carpet cleaners simply are not meant to remove these stains completely and effectively.

  1. Floor cleaners may not address odors.

A floor cleaner may remove some of the stain that your pet has left behind but rarely does this type of cleaner fully address odors. These odors are caused by the chemicals in a pet’s urine, feces or vomit and a standard cleaner cannot remove these chemicals completely. In turn, the odor may linger even if the appearance of a stain is gone.

This too is why it’s good to always use a S.U.N. pet urine odor remover that is meant specifically for these types of odors. The product will have cleansers that get out those chemicals or that will neutralize them so that your floor is not only clean, it smells fresh as well.

  1. You may not notice the odors.

Very often when you live in a home where there are pet odors, you may not notice them yourself. The brain often works to tune out constant stimuli such as noise and odors, so you may think the odor is gone when it’s not. Your visitors however may notice it as soon as they walk through the door!

Any time you have pet stains in your home you want to use a cleaner meant for organic stains. S.U.N. urine odor remover product labelled as a grade A professional odor neutralizer aims for a Do-It-Yourself cleaner that provides professional advice to get professional results.

This will ensure that both problems are addressed properly and your floors are cleaned as well as smelling great.