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Chalk Pen Art for Advertising!

Chalk PenToday, many businesses are trying to find unique low budget ways to attract customers into your business to increase sales. Advertising costs can easily use up most of the company’s earnings. It is useful, then, to incorporate cost-effective advertising techniques that cause similar results.

A well-known technique used among regular store owners is the use of advertising boards or banners. This helps to catch the attention of passers-by. Crafty Croc Chalk pen can make amazing banners for store mascots.   Mascots and sign spinners are usually effective for attracting a crowd. This can be used for creating a long lasting impression in the minds of old and potential customers. This advertising tactic is usually applied by less formal business enterprises, although these entities can use the tactic for special promotions on a one-off basis.

Banner adverts are perfect for restaurants, cafés, bistros and bars. These franchises are likely to have daily changes in menus, so, being able to add and remove notes easily with chalk pens is essential. With neon bright color markings depicting menus and specials, on portable menu boards that can be placed at the door out front or at the window, customer attraction is highly likely.

The franchise owners of these businesses can also include hand drawn pictures of the featured meal of the day on their daily menu board to attract customers from afar off. Even bar owners can use chalk pens to advertise specials and “Happy Hour” periods to increase customer visits.

Persons who have seasonal or permanent food stands along the roadways, parks, or markets can use chalk pens to show their prices and featured sales and specials on certain items. Kids who usually set up lemonade stands or brownie stalls can use bright neon chalk pens to make signs that can advertise what they’re selling. Others who have portable vegetable, fruit or snack stands can use the chalk pens to their advantage in this same way as well.

If you are hosting a special event or party at your house, like a Halloween party or Christmas party that you want to make open for neighbors and persons in your immediate surrounding all you need is a banner made with chalk pens to advertise the time and any other intricacies in an elegant attractive way.

As a great bonus, in low light neon bright chalk pen markings can still be seen clearly and under black light! So, you can add some pizazz to your banner for night-time by using black light to keep it visible.