Pet Grooming Tool

Tips for Choosing the Best Pet Grooming Tool

Pet Grooming ToolA good pet grooming tool is a must-have for responsible pet owners everywhere. It helps to circulate the blood of the pet which in turn helps with healing and mobility. Grooming a cat or dog also helps to control their shedding so that excess fur doesn’t wind up on furniture and car seats. This too also keeps a pet more comfortable during warm summer months. Taking time to groom a pet every day can also help them to feel relaxed and happy and more social around people.

Not all grooming tools are created the same, which is why it’s good to take your time to shop around and make the right decision. You need a tool that will work for your pet’s fur to get it soft and shiny and that will be durable and easy to use. You also want one that lasts for years to come! The following tips can help you to know what to look for when you’re ready to buy the right tool to keep your pets looking their best and in good health.

  1. Note the grip of the handle.

Since you’ll be holding the tool and pulling it across your dog’s or cat’s fur, you need a comfortable handle with a nice grip. It should be made of a soft material that won’t press against your skin or your wrist but that also won’t allow slipping. The handle should be slightly larger around the middle so that it fits your hand more easily and you won’t feel fatigued by using it.

Often you can visually inspect a grooming tool and see if the handle looks like it would be comfortable, but also read the description of the tool to note the materials used and if it’s described as having a comfort grip. This will ensure you get one that you will be able to use all the time.

  1. Look for more than one blade.

No matter the length of your pet’s fur, you will need a grooming tool with more than one blade. This will make it easier to reach crevices around the legs and belly where short blades may cause nicks and cuts. Longer blades are also good where the fur is thickest such as their backs and around the neck, whereas shorter blades are needed for around the face and the front or back of the legs.

When you invest in a tool of any sort you want it to be versatile enough that it works for all your needs and this includes a good grooming tool for your pet. Be sure you choose one with more than one blade so you get the most use out of it.

  1. Be sure it offers a guarantee.

Always look for a pet grooming tool that offers a guarantee, preferably a lifetime guarantee. This will tell you that the makers of the tool stand behind its design and that you can expect it to last. Never purchase one that doesn’t promise to last a lifetime, as you may be getting a tool of inferior quality.

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