Water Absorber

Water Absorber Kit: Water Absorbers for your Home

Water Absorbers control liquids and can help prevent permanent water damage in the home. They can be used to block water from entering through the garage, basement, windows and doors. It can also be used to prevent water spillage from appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. Water Absorber socks were first introduced by Cleanup stuff to homes in Florida for use around windows and doors to protect their homes from the driving rain during hurricane Katrina.

The Water Absorber Kit can absorb up to approximately five (5) gallons of water. They are economical because not only can they be reused but they can also last for decades. After using your water absorber place it in a spin cycle to remove the excess water and then place in the dryer on low or regular heat. If your water absorber gets soiled then simply hand wash then place in the dryer as mentioned before.

Water Absorbers are able to absorb water because it is made of strong tubular poly material filled with super absorbent polypropylene. They can conform to any surface, hence why they can be placed along leaky basement walls, along sliding doors and windows or around your water heater, washing machine and water filtering system.

Water Absorbers aren’t slimy and will not leave any residue. You will not need to worry about doing extra cleaning after using a Water Absorber. It will simply just soak up the water and nothing else, there will be no white fluff on your floors or appliances and your floors will not feel sticky or slimy after use.

Additionally Water Absorbers are eco-friendly. The poly filler used to make Water Absorbers are 100 percent recyclable. So if you are among the millions who care about our environment after getting numerous uses out of your water absorber you will not have to worry about the harmful effects it will have on earth when you are finally ready to dispose of it.

Here is an overview of the benefits of a Water Absorber:

  • Can prevent permanent damage.
  • Use along windows, doors, basement walls, water heaters, washing machines and garage cabinets.
  • Absorbs approximately one gallon of water.
  • Reusable, just place in the spin cycle of your washing machine and then in your dryer on low or regular heat only and use over and over again
  • Tough, economical and long lasting with proper care.
  • Conforms to almost any surface.
  • Easier than a mop and bucket or rolled up towels.
  • No chemical content
  • No residue or white fluff
  • Not slimy when wet

Water Absorbers are a necessity to the home to prevent water damage from either heavy rains or melted snow. Water spillage in the home can damage not only furniture, appliances and personal items but also the home itself. To protect your house and your possessions it is a great idea to have a water absorber sock at hand. Is it better to spend a few dollars on a water absorber now than an excessive amount on repairing your home and property due to water damage? The choice is yours.

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