Why We Love This Iphone 5 Waterproof Phone Case and So Should You

iphone 5 waterproof caseWaterproof cellular phones and cameras are very expensive, and unfortunately not everyone can afford them. This doesn’t mean however that these persons should miss out on the amazing moments that a waterproof phone or camera owner gets to experience. Even though there are numerous waterproof phone cases available on the market, let’s be honest, not all are reliable. This is one of the reasons why we have fallen in love with the iphone 5 waterproof case. This durable but soft PVC bag has the distinctive ability to protect your phone, your camera or mp3 player along with your other important belongings such as identification card, credit cards and money. They will all be protected from water, weather, dust, dirt, sand, snow and even grease.

The Portafon Acqua iphone 5 waterproof case by Sports A Plus is universal size, so it to hold any phone or gadget with a screen size up to 5.3”. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any type of android or smartphone, the Portafon Acqua waterproof bag will be able to fit it like a glove. The case allows you to not only go into the water holding your phone or other electronic devices (such as mp3 player or camera) in hand safely and securely, but you can also continue to swim and frolick. In other words, you can use your devices to their full capacity up to 100 feet (30 meters) underwater. Taking captivating pictures while snorkeling or filming underwater marine life while diving is just a swipe away on the touch screen.

The waterproof phone bag has one crystal clear window/panel on each side. The back window allows you to use your phone’s captivating back camera to take videos and pictures with no obstacles. The results are astonishingly clear and beautiful, to the point where observers won’t even notice that the shots were taken through a window. The front panel maintains hypersensitive touch screen functionality, allowing you to tap your phone’s buttons and icons without any hassle.

Think about how fast and easy it would be for you to take underwater shots with your iPhone housed in this waterproof phone bag and post them on Instagram the next minute. Your friends will just envy you for this. Through the waterproof case, your phone can also record sounds under the water. this means that the quality of your videos will not be impaired by any means, and will be complete with audio. In addition to sound recording, you can enjoy listening music on your cellphone. Just hang the waterproof phone bag around your neck, using its strap, and you are ready to go. How cool would it be to listen to your favorite tunes while snorkeling in the sea or swimming and relaxing in your pool? This bag is ultra slim and doesn’t have an obtrusive design, therefore, in addition to the super protection it provides for your phone, it also looks classy and trendy, making it an extremely fashionista friendly accessory.

Superior water protection comes from the easy snap locking system that seals the bag 100% from everything else that’s on the outside. Not will water not seep through, but also sand, dust, mud and dirt will stay away leaving your electronics dry and clean. This case has no problem keeping snow, ice or slush away either, thanks to the very same locking mechanism. Your electronics will be ready for winter too.

So if you’re ready for an adventure or vacation in any weather and any season of the year, and desire your phone to be there with you to capture every moment, while at the same time keeping you in touch with the rest of the world, go ahead and try this inexpensive but handy and efficient waterproof bag. You won’t be disappointed with the protection it provides, and with the results you get when you use your phone inside your very own Portafon Acqua iphone 5 waterproof case from Sports A Plus.

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